Sceloporus graciosus

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a ground dweller that prefers open ground and scattered low bushes

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The sagebrush lizard, Sceloporus graciosus Baird and Girard, 1852, occurs from central Washington, southern Idaho, southern Montana and western Colorado to northwestern New Mexico, northern Arizona and northern Baja California; it is an oviparous lizard that deposits one or two clutches of 28 eggs during June-August (Stebbins, 1985).
The purpose of this study was to examine persistence and stability of the component helminth community in a population of the southern sagebrush lizard Sceloporus graciosus vandenburgianus Cope, 1896, from southern California.
One thousand three hundred eighty-eight adult Sceloporus graciosus (snout-vent length, SVL = 59.
have previously been found in Hemidactylus turcicus, Sceloporus graciosus and Sceloporus occidentalis (Goldberg and Bursey, 1988, 1989; McAllister et al.
in stomach granulomas of the sagebrush lizard, Sceloporus graciosus.
A classic 11-year study of the sagebrush lizard Sceloporus graciosus (closest relative of S.
taeniatus, 286 mm SVL, consumed two juvenile Sceloporus graciosus.