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the incineration of a dead body

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uk, the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) does not allow the scattering of ashes at the iconic cricket and Australian Rules venue but several piles of remains were left behind after some 30,000 visitors had departed the stadium.
When families and friends live nearby, scattering of ashes is generally a private memorial attended by loved ones of the deceased.
Here in the cadence between pain's husky gasps, the black wick sizzling like meat on the grill, here in the hour between the scattering of salt and the scattering of ashes, the departure is a napkin left at the bar folded into a white lily.
His book, A Scattering of Ashes - Tales from the Frontline, Afghanistan to England, contains recollections of the people he has met and the places he has visited.
Cremation will follow with a scattering of ashes at sea.
The scattering of ashes in Solihull has been postponed because we do not feel it would be appropriate to spread the remains of loved ones while snow is lying on the ground," said a council aide.