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the peninsula in northern Europe occupied by Norway and Sweden

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There was a time when Scandinavia was one of the most expensive places to visit.
If the engravings in question do represent oxhide ingots, these ingots must have been present in Scandinavia and seen by the makers of the engravings.
At the FINAT congress, Skanem Scandinavia was also handed over the 'Honorable Mention Award' for 'Excellence in Technical Achievement in Printing'.
March 23 2010 -- Meat producer Atria Scandinavia has said it will close its packed meat plant outside of Stockholm.
Scandinavian airline SAS Group said on Friday (6 July) that it will increase its frequencies between Scandinavia and China for the summer 2008 programme.
Four people were arrested yesterday after a fire aboard new DFDS cruise-liner the King of Scandinavia.
HAIL THE NEW KING: The biggest ever ship to cruise from Newcastle on a scheduled service has been introduced by DFDS Seaways, which operates to Scandinavia and Northern Europe.
DFDS Seaways' King of Scandinavia, a new vessel which is the length of two football fields and as wide as the Angel of the North's wingspan, will arrive on the River Tyne tomorrow morning.
We think that the Scandinavia House is an ideal venue in which to present this message to the brokerage community.
Above all, he argues, it was economic interests and commercial opportunities that brought Scandinavia into conflict with Napoleon.
IRISH budget airline Ryanair is to increase its presence in Scandinavia, it has been reported.
Concerns about personnel shortages in Scandinavia have led Nordic nations to set up their own independent grant-offering organizations: in Norway, a $20 million government project rifled FUGE; in Sweden, a $6.
The long-shuttered Taste of Scandinavia at 21629 Devonshire St.
Scandinavian Internet travel company Resfeber Scandinavia is set to be acquired by travel marketing and transaction company Travelocity.
Back in the 1950s, an exhibition called Design in Scandinavia made its way through 24 cities in the US and Canada thus establishing internationally the region's collaborative spirit based on functionality and craft.