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a small order comprising only the tree shrews: in some classifications tree shrews are considered either primates (and included in the suborder Prosimii) or true insectivores (and included in the order Insectivora)

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Now they are classified in a separate order, Scandentia (Martin, 1990), placed between insectivores and primates.
The eutherians include representatives of five orders that are presumed to have separated near the basal radiation of eutherians [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED], with four of the orders representing an unresolved tetrachotomy: the Artiodactyla, Carnivora, Scandentia, and Rodentia (Novacek and Wyss 1986 and references therein; Novacek 1990).
The orders include Insectivora, Scandentia, Chiroptera, Pholidota, Primates, Rodentia, Lagomorpha, Creodonta, Carnivora, Tubulidentata, Proboscidea, Artiodactyla, and Perissodactyla.
Scandentia, nuevo genero de Rubiaceae-Spermacoceae.