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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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Manila: Philippine officials have warned internet users against online scam artists luring victims into sending them money in exchange for supposed expensive gifts or cash sent through the mail.
The scam artist put a picture of a woman on Skype then he opened the video window and started seducing the victim by showing the woman stripping.
At this time, we do not know how the scam artist is using or intends to use the fake website.
Scam artists will use extremes to lure consumers into a sell--even if it means playing on consumers' greed, fear and insecurities.
Reports of scam artists gypping Filipinos in the home country and abroad occasionally occur and had been around since the postal service had been in wide use.
The growing popularity of online loans has attracted scam artists who are eager to prey on these vulnerable consumers.
We hope that by gaining knowledge, seniors will have recourse, and they will know what to do if they do encounter a scam artist.
Not surprisingly, the recipient of the call is usually skeptical, so the scam artist provides his fake attorney name, his own phone number, the Bar number of a real Florida Bar member, and the Bar's main phone number.
In this case, the scam artist will be getting nothing.
This time around, big dreamer/low-rent scam artist Ripley Holden (David Morrissey) presides as the reverend at a Vegas-style wedding chapel in the fading British seaside resort of Blackpool.
That's proved by the three hustlers featured in this show - swindler Jessica-Jane Clement, confidence trickster Alex Conran and scam artist Paul Wilson.
Still, I enjoyed being thrust into the story of a young woman running from her fiancee--a serial killing scam artist.
When a preliminary investigation indicates an experienced scam artist, comprehensive research becomes essential.
At least it is to a young American named Teddy (Johnathon Schaech), a New York City scam artist who takes it on the lam to Sydney and is promptly abducted to Woop Woop by a sex-starved babe named Angie (the wide-eyed Susie Porter, who suggests Betty Hutton on hormone overdrive).
Almost instantly, Pippa hooks up with local scam artist Fritz (Victor Rasuk).