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a variable quantity that cannot be resolved into components

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For example, suppose that, after coding all the problem's initial statements into the answer grid, the box showing the linkages between the Persons and the Categorical variable, and the Persons and the Scalar variable, showed that a particular name was definitively not linked to three values on the Categorical variable, and not linked to three values on the Scalar variable as follows:
Although w is only a scalar variable, for performance reasons it is important to be able to infer its intrinsic type; this variable is used to update an n x m rectangular grid which is in turn used to solve Laplace's equation in an iterative process.
Compared to the recovery of scalar variables, two new issues arise in such recovery.
They focus on problems involving functional response variables and mixed covariates of functional and scalar variables.
Informally, a loop is P-solvable if the following conditions are satisfied: (i) the loop body consists only of nested conditionals and assignments, (ii) assignments to scalars form a linear recurrence system with constant coefficients, (iii) closed forms of scalar variables can be represented by a polynomial system over loop counters and some extra variables where there are polynomial relations among the extra variables, and (iii) updates to arrays can be handled as uninterpreted functions over array and scalar variables.
Coverage includes how to edit, compile, and run HLA programs, how to declare and use constants, scalar variables, and arrays, and how to translate arithmetic expressions.
Scalar variables are used for ease of understanding for example air temperatures, wind speed and precipitation.