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a variable quantity that cannot be resolved into components

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SGI says that "significant financial development support" will come from several government agencies, including the National Security Agency, to help it develop the next generation SV2 vector and scalar processor.
Each CM also includes fast SRAM and registers that are shared between the Scalar Processor and the Vector Processor to allow data formatting, scalar processing, and vector processing to take place simultaneously.
The 10-petaflop "Keisoku" supercomputer, slated to become operational in 2012, will now be based on scalar processors from Fujitsu.
In ORNL's case, the QMC/DCA code (specifically, an individual Markov chain in the Monte Carlo simulation) does not scale well on scalar processors, and the algorithm the team was using became too computationally inefficient when expanded beyond four-site clusters.
The CRAY S-MP system can be configured to meet diverse user requirements with up to eight 15-nanosecond SPARC scalar processors; or a combination of one to two Vector II processors (total 533 mflops vector performance) and up to four SPARC scalar processors.