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the compass point that is one point west of due south

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This means that it may become impossible to move the vehicle out of a stationary position if a parking actuator or SBW ECU fault occurs, or the battery fails.
Icelandair is currently working on their 4th SBW modification and plan to have a total of 17 units in service before the 2017 summer season.
As of 31 January 2016, EMD had net assets of approximately USD 330,039,521, SBW had net assets of approximately USD 151,546,738, and ESD had net assets of approximately USD 494,645,142.
In this paper, a linear model is utilized for the SBW controller design, and a nonlinear model is developed for high-level motion controller design for the FIWMA system.
Absolute estimated values of body components at different SBW are shown in Table 5, as SBW ranged from 35 to 50 kg, the proportion of body fat and body energy increased, whereas body protein and body water proportion decreased.
By participating in DR, SBW is not only saving money on its energy bills, it also benefits from having a reliable contingency for back-up power in the event of a black out or grid failure.
Sam's strong roots largely lie in recruitment attraction and employer branding and, whilst this is still very much a focus for her, the strong marketing offer of SBW makes this an excellent union.
The data on the percentage infestation of SBW were recorded on the basis of the healthy and damaged fruiting bodies i.
Bush administration resurrected Reagan-era claims that US security required US military domination of space, including the placement of SBW.
That was the case when Jan Bullard, allied ASID designer, of Jan Bullard CD, and Scott Williams of SBW Construction took on the challenge of restoring a 1,200-square-foot 1920s cottage on North Riverside Drive, Sarasota's very first platted neighborhood.
He said in the lawsuit, filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court, that Willis used his name, Social Security number and other private information to open SBW Development in 2005.
This SBW is then used to calculate energy requirements.
In February 2000, the Commission initiated a formal procedure with a view to obtaining information from the German Government on aid which may have been linked to the merger, in particular with regard to the purchase of SBW by RAG for a token 1 Deutschemark.
For purposes of analysis, the adolescents were divided into three SBW categories (less than 90%, 90-109%, and 110% or more).
As statistics and studies continue to make clear, being an SBW is taking a serious toll on Sisters of all ages and the stress fractures are beginning to show.