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the main city of ancient Phoenicia

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We have Sayda Bay here, which has a huge complex for dealing with nuclear waste, and that is sufficient for storing it for a long time.
t) On September 21-26, 2016, Badr paramilitaries and AAH paramilitaries were fighting for control of the sub-district center of Abu Sayda.
The demand for the tin, wooden and Al Khayamiya lanterns is high because they reflect the genuine atmosphere of Ramadan," added Farhat amid a thicket of lanterns in his shop in the quarter of Al Sayda Zainab.
org La Vispera- a Teatro del Pueblo Community Project, Victor Vasquez; dir: Jesus Castanos-Chima, Sayda Trujillo.
123) Between them, the formerly important port of Sayda was in the fourteenth century merely a small village, while further south Qaysariyya, Arsuf, and 'Asqalan were also ruined.
Sin embargo, estas manifestaciones de apoyo causaron despidos como el de Sayda Chinas en Coatzacoalcos (Comunicacion personal con periodistas, 28 de abril de 2013 y marzo de 2014).
This storytelling night event— at Bayt al-Sennari, Sayda Zainab—is carried out by the Seshat series for creative writing workshop, which now hosts around fifty writers of different ages and both sexes.
La premiere association, sous la houlette de Cherif Tibourtine, a etale un large programme en jouant plusieurs noubas Rasd eddil, inkilab : [beaucoup moins que] Ghezaili sukar nabat [beaucoup plus grand que], mcedar : [beaucoup moins que] Lazal dahrak said [beaucoup plus grand que], b'taihi : [beaucoup moins que] Ya men sad sayda [beaucoup plus grand que], derdj : [beaucoup moins que] Ya nnaymin la terakdou [beaucoup plus grand que], istikhbar : [beaucoup moins que] Malet twedaani [beaucoup plus grand que], Insiraf1 : koum yassir lana al ketaane [beaucoup plus grand que], Insiraf2 : [beaucoup moins que] Aana aachakti fi soltane [beaucoup plus grand que], Insiraf khlass : [beaucoup moins que] Nirane kalbi [beaucoup plus grand que].
Sayda Missaoui, 33, says that "the transitional period took longer than necessary, making Tunisia live several economic and security crises".
In Tulkarem, west of the West Bank, two Palestinian Members of Parliament were arrested, Fathi Al Qarawi, from Nur Shams refugee camp, and Reyad Radad, from Sayda village.
Terrorists attacked last week civilian gatherings and security forces in Abu Sayda village, north of Baqouba.
Meanwhile, in a security operation carried out in Bani Sa;adm south of Baquba, and Abi Sayda, northeast Baquba, districts, police arrested 5 wanted persons.
Its main faction, the Syrian National Council, even named secular Kurdish dissident Abdulbaset Sayda as its leader last year.
The ancient panels belong to the Abbasids dome in the Sayda Nefisa neighbourhood, and date back to the 13 th century.
To the northeast of Baghdad, gunmen broke into a farm in the village of Abu Sayda and killed three farmers, police said.