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Antonyms for uncle

the brother of your father or mother

a source of help and advice and encouragement

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Sadly missed always by loving wife and gran, Bet, son and dad, John and Lorraine xxx LINTERN Ron It's only little but it means a lot, To say Uncle Ron and our Craig, We haven't forgot.
If a will says everything goes to Cousin Susie and a client's beneficiary designations say Uncle Ed, and all of those assets are in contract assets, it may all go to Uncle Ed.
Even before Manmohan Singh could say Uncle Sam the committed comrade knew where to find fault.
I can say Uncle Bryn is in it a lot, I think he has more to do than he has in previous series," he adds, referring to his gadget-loving, easily pleased character, uncle of the eponymous Stacey.
If he's doing panto he can't come over to the States and his nieces and nephews are heartbroken at Christmas time when we say Uncle John is not coming, because when Uncle John comes, it's party time.