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Reports on the germination of species in the Grossulariaceae and Saxifragaceae families indicate the existence of some species in Arctic environments with non-dormant seeds, such as Saxifraga caespitosa (Bell, & Bliss, 1980), as well as species with physiological dormancy, such as Saxifraga hieracifolia (Eurola, 1972), but do not discuss their desiccation tolerance.
Fritsch, a species in the Bergenia genus belongs to the family Saxifragaceae, the order Rosales, is commonly known as badan (Rus = [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Siberian tea, Mongolian tea, leather bergenia, or elephant's ears.
Genetic variation in endemic and widespread plant species: examples from Saxifragaceae and Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae).
amp; Whetzel Pucciniaceae Uromyces Ribes andicola Saxifragaceae ribicola H.
Important families: Rosaceae, Saxifragaceae, Cesalpinaceae, Mimosaceae, Papilionaceae, Ran.
Family Name (Latin and Common): Saxifragaceae, the Saxifrage family
Family: Saxifragaceae (currants, hydrangeas, and saxifrages)
mark DNA sequences and phylogenetic reconstruction in Saxifragaceae s.
Other families of plants that contain pigmented fruits are Ericaceae that include blueberry and cranberry, Saxifragaceae which include black and red currants and the Caprifoliceae for elderberry.
Schauer, the sister genus to Itea, which was recently transferred into Iteaceae from the monotypic family Pterostemonaceae Small (APG III, 2009); as well as the family Saxifragaceae Juss.
Isolation and characterization of plant defensins from seeds Asteraceae, Fabaceae, Hippocastanaceae and Saxifragaceae.
geniculatum; the Asteraceae Liatris helleri, Solidago spithamanea, and Arnoglossum [=Cacalia] rugelia, also endemic; the Crassulaceae Sedum rosea; the Scrofulariaceae Aureolaria patula; the Ranunculaceae Cimifuga ribifolia; the Liliaceae Streptopus amplexifolius; and the Saxifragaceae Saxifraga careyana.