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Vriesea saxicola is only known from the type-region, which includes the nearby Serra de Sao Jose facing the town of Tiradentes (see figure 7 in Leme, 2007).
Pararchaea saxicola is known only from the Queen's Domain, Hobart, Tasmania, and was collected from under stones in May 1936.
Jan 1999 Cerrado 163 Psidium kennedyanum Morong Jun 1998 Pantanal 151 Apr 1999 May 1999 Jun 1999 Moraceae (Urticales) Sorocea sprucei saxicola Oct 1998 Sierra 222 (Hassler) C.
Habitats were classified as epiphyte, rupicolous, saxicola or terrestrial, with six species living in more than one habitat (Table 1).
entomelas (Jordan and Gilbert) entomelas (Cramer) hopkinsi (Eigenmann and Beeson) macdonaldi ovale (Ayres) ovalis rufum (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) rufus (Jordan and Starks) flammeus (Jordan and Starks) iracundus (Jordan and Snyder) scythropus (Wakiya) baramenuke paucispinosus Matsubara (alutus) Chen varispinis Chen peduncularis (Beebe and Tee-Van) cortezi (Gilbert) sinensis Quast variegatus Lea and Fitch rufinanus (Gilbert) diploproa (Starks) emphaeus prorigerum (Jordan and Gilbert) proriger (Gilbert) saxicola (Gilbert) semicinctus (Gilbert) wilsoni (Gilbert) zacentrus dallii (Eigenmann and Beeson) dalli auriculata Girard auriculatus Hilgendorf glaucus (Gilbert) aurora (Jordan) crameri deani Starks (?
There is an unconfirmed record of chats Saxicola sp.
Seasonal patterns of song production by male Stonechats Saxicola torquata.
The percentage of viability for the third instar (L3) was highest in the hosts Sorocea sprucei saxicola (Baillon) J.
saxicola, was more abundant in cooler years, whereas a more southerly distributed species, calico rockfish, S.
Parental investment in nest defense by stonechats Saxicola torquata.
saxicola Plemons-Rodriguez, 1998; Mauseth & Sajeva, 1992; Mauseth et al.