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Synonyms for bell

a push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed

the sound of a bell being struck

(nautical) each of the eight half-hour units of nautical time signaled by strokes of a ship's bell

the shape of a bell

a phonetician and father of Alexander Graham Bell (1819-1905)

English painter

United States inventor (born in Scotland) of the telephone (1847-1922)

a percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned bells that are struck with a hammer

the flared opening of a tubular device

attach a bell to

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NBC's teen sitcom Saved by the Bell was developed long before the new law and the "pro-social" message tacked on makes it more preachy but hardly more educational.
Elmer Anuran of Saved by the Bell Promotion, said he is confident fans will like the fight.
Class-yThe stars of hit '90s teen comedy Saved by the Bell shows off their bold and bright fashion style
thankstotheEFCfans Seamiecoleman23: Just chilling in the room before we head to washington and saved by the bell is on
As Wyborn came back off the ropes with his hands down, Reeve delivered an explosive right hand to send him crashing down and the home favourite was saved by the bell when he got up.
Ruiz was saved by the bell in the sixth, his resistance fading amid a barrage of heavy blows.
The weather forecast is for sunny spells, a little rain over the weekend, but not too much wind, so the call is to sell the 12th performance index, Saved By The Bell, at Sporting's 97.
Although he was saved by the bell more heavy punishment followed in an utterly one-sided second round until ref Mickey Vann stepped in.
I've no doubt that fans of The Feeling will love this record and will forgive them for the last few high notes sung on the track, that feature more screech than an episode of Saved by the Bell.
She also featured in small-screen projects Platinum Blonde and Day by Day Career: In 1989, she landed a key role in TV series Saved by the Bell.
A big assault midway through the second saw Brough connect with a solid double left before a left-right combination had Carey touching down only to be saved by the bell.
The Frenchman got up at eight and was then saved by the bell.
His television credits include the 2003 Kennedy Center Honors, "Recording the Producers" (a documentary for PBS), Queer as Folk, Murder, She Wrote, Cheers, Sisters, Arli$$, and Saved by the Bell.
I would like to thank God for this victory, said the 26 year-old Concepcion, who annexed the vacant World Boxing Organization Oriental superbantamweight title in the bout which finished nearly midnight last Friday owing to the exciting fightcard put up by Arci Boxing Promotions in cooperation with Saved by the Bell Promotion.
SAVED by the Bell star Dustin Diamond has been found guilty of two charges after a stabbing during a bar brawl on Christmas Day.