Saussurea costus

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annual herb of the eastern Himalayas (Kashmir) having purple florets and a fragrant root that yields a volatile oil used in perfumery and for preserving furs

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These species were Arisaema jacquemontii, Artemisia japonica, Astragalus candolleanus, Berberis jaeschkeana, Chenopodium album, Convolvulus arvensis, Corydalis govaniana, Jasminum humile, Raphanus sativus, Saussurea costus, Thymus linearis, Annona squamosa, Pupulia lappacea and Drosera peltata.
Acetone extracts of four plants, Nicotiana tabacum (Tobacco), Pegnum hermala (Hermal), Saussurea costus (Kust-e-shireen) and Salsola baryosma (Khar booti) at different concentrations viz.
Keywords: Nicotiana tabacum, Pegnum hermala, Saussurea costus, Salsola baryosma, repellency, toxicity,Tribolium castaneum.
Present study was thus carried out to determine the efficacy of four botanicals, Nicotiana tabacum, Pegnum hermala, Saussurea costus and Salsola baryosma against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst).