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United States author (born in Canada) whose novels influenced American literature after World War II (1915-2005)

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Leyenda: Saul Bellow y el presidente Ronald Reagan.
By 1964, Leader concludes, Saul Bellow "had arrived at the pinnacle of American letters, and he knew it.
For Zachary Leader's life of Saul Bellow is not merely head and shoulders above its predecessors, but given the depth of his research and judgment and its broad scope, it is hard to imagine it being bettered anytime soon--about Bellow's first five decades, at any rate.
Almost 50 years later, Saul Bellow, another master, would prove him wrong--the bold syncopations and hothouse of tongues in Augie have enriched--and remade--the English language, rather than ruined it.
La obra de Saul Bellow comprueba que, como escribio Marthe Robert, la novela sigue siendo "el mas poderoso medio de comunicacion entre el sueno de uno solo y la realidad profunda de todos".
2 million (PS750,000) award since Saul Bellow, who left for the US as a boy and won in 1976.
A saber la o las razonese pero encuentro en los relatos de Rebanadas, el mas reciente libro de Naief Yehya--escritor quizas mas conocido por sus incisivos y reveladores ensayos sobre tecnologias, vida digital y pornografia--, una cierta condicion de habitar los mismos extremos literarios que la narrativa breve de Saul Bellow y, sobre todo, de los primeros cuentos, y novelas de mi paisano, el siempre mordaz e implacable Mordecai Richler, alla en la vieja e indomita calle de Saint Urbain, oriundo tan arraigado como huidizo de mi ciudad natal.
At the heart of the book is the question of how well Saul Bellow understood himself.
Baste decir que este autor ha ganado el premio Pulitzer, la Medalla de las Artes y las Letras en la Casa Blanca y la Medalla de Oro de Narrativa, que han recibido autores como John dos Passos, William Faulkner, Saul Bellow, entre otros.
Saul Bellow came to Poland for three weeks in 1959 as an American Specialist, a State Department program that sent prominent writers, scholars, and other public figures to lecture and meet their counterparts abroad.
Lawrence, Richard Wright, Roberto Bolano, John Cheever, Saul Bellow, William Faulkner, E.
It is interesting to contemplate why it took such a long time--and a couple of false starts--to write a biography of the Jewish American novelist Saul Bellow (1915-2005).
IN A LITTLE ESSAY ABOUT MOZART THAT Saul Bellow wrote toward the end of his life, he expressed admiration for the prodigious composer's facility with melody and harmony, and marveled at the way the music "is given so readily, easily, gratuitously.
Like the first line of a novel, the idea for a letter could occur to Saul Bellow at any time.
Singer's dealings with Saul Bellow are emblematic of his contradictory, even meanspirited nature.