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a native or inhabitant of Saudi Arabia

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has received a 50 billion yen order to construct and supply four thermal power generation plants to Saudi Arabian Oil Co.
To this extent, this article will provide a brief historical background of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the command structure of the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces, the history of Saudi Air Defense (and how air defense fits into this structure), and, finally, from an air defense perspective, the impacts a change in paradigm by the Saudi government on the RSADF modernization and the United States Military Training Mission.
SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES operates one of the newest and most advanced fleets in the industry, offering the ultimate in passenger comfort and safety.
District Judge Joseph Meyer III last month said it took police only 18 seconds to read Naif Al-Yousif, 22, a Saudi Arabian, his rights.
Spokesman for the new sponsors, George Hill, yesterday said: "This new sponsorship coincides with an exciting stage in the commercial developement of Saudi Arabian Airlines, who have recently acquired a new fleet of 61 aircraft at a cost of $7.
Rescue teams searching by the light of burning wreckage reported at first that there were no survivors from the Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 and the Kazakh Airlines Ilyushin 76, which collided at 5:10 a.
According to last Tuesday's announcement, the Saudi Arabian family intends to undertake the development of a new office tower at the Madison Avenue site, consisting of prime retail and state-of-the-art office space "designed to meet the advanced technological needs of the financial services and related industries.
Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to the Saudi Arabian consumer finance industry
Jeddah,21 Jumada I,1437 AH, 01 March,2016 , SPA -- The work is currently going on to assemble the first aircraft, model A330-300 "Regional" which is the latest of Airbus products for the benefit of its first operator in the world, Saudi Arabian airlines, at the final assembly line for Airbus in the French city of Toulouse.
The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the Saudi Arabian insurance industry.
With this Main Gathering Center (MGC) Revamp Project, Saudi Arabian Chevron and its partner the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company plan to upgrade and maintain facilities at Wafra Joint Operations to enable continued safe and reliable production and to accommodate future growth.
Global Banking News-June 11, 2013--Fitch affirms 11 Saudi Arabian banks(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) presented the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a study quantifying the economic benefits of aviation to the Saudi Arabian economy.
The report contains 102 tables, charts and figures that quantify and forecast the Saudi Arabian defence budget, and Saudi spending on defence products and services.
Gunay said that Turkish and Saudi Arabian investors should make closer cooperation, adding that Saudi Arabian officials said that they would help in easing visa procedures for Turkish citizens.
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