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a widely distributed family of butterflies common near the edges of woods

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Satyrinae and Biblidinae were the most abundant subfamilies, accounting for 90% of all individuals captured in this study.
Although some species are relatively easy to identify with the help of field guides and a certain period of training, this is not true for most Charaxinae (especially Memphis), several Biblidinae (the genera Eunica and Callicore can be problematic), and a large portion of the Satyrinae.
Familias Subfamilias Generos Especies- subespecies Papilionidae Papilioninae 9 46 Pieridae Dismorphiinae 4 15 Coliadinae 11 33 Pierinae 14 29 Nymphalidae Libytheinae 1 1 Danainae 3 8 Ithomiinae 19 44 Morphinae 8 30 Satyrinae 25 71 Charaxinae 9 52 Biblidinae 19 115 Apaturinae 2 6 Nymphalinae 18 76 Heliconinae 11 33 Lycaenidae Theclinae Lycaeninae 58 227 Polyommatinae 7 11 Riodinidae Euselasiinae 2 17 Riodininae 41 163 Totales 5 19 262 761 Tabla 2.
1758) Euptoieta Euptoieta hegesia hoffmanni (Comstock, 1944) Heliconius Heliconius erato hydara (Hewitson, 1867) Nymphalinae Anartia Anartia iatrophaes (Linnaeus, 1763) Junoma Junonia evarete (Cramer, 1779) Satyrinae Taygetis Taygetis laches (Fabricius, 1793) Papilionidae Papilioninae Heracudes Heradides homothoas (Rothschild & Jordan.
Butterflies and grasses: evolutionary history of the subfamily Satyrinae.
Within the diurnal Lepidoptera, the Satyrinae is one of the most diverse groups, with a cosmopolitan distribution and nearly 2400 species occurring in every continent of the world, except in the Antarctica (Ackery et al.
Las subfamilias mas representativas fueron Satyrinae e Ithomiinae con 450 y 102 individuos, respectivamente.
The understory Satyrinae, for example, were clearly associated with microhabitats having higher levels of canopy cover.
Some of the most poorly known groups among the neotropical butterflies are members of the subfamily Satyrinae in the family Nymphalidae.
Within the Satyrinae, seasonal polyphenism is present, for example, in the related genus Henotesia of tropical Africa and Madagascar, the Australasian genus Mycalesis, and in the more distant nymphalid genera Hypocista, and Ypthima.
1907 X X X Siproeta epaphus (Latreille, (1811)) X X X Smyrna blomfildia (Fabricius, 1781) X Temenis laothoe (Cramer, 1777) X X Temenis pulchra pulchra (Hewitson, 1861) X Tigridia acesta (Linnaeus, 1858) X X Satyrinae Chloreuptychia arnaca (Fabricius, 1776) X Cissia mollina (Hubner, 1818) X Cissia mermeria ssp.
Host specialization of Satyrinae butterflies, and their responses to habitat fragmentation in Trinidad.
Este estudio describe los patrones de diversidad y distribucion de la subfamilia Satyrinae en la cuenca del rio Coello (4[grados] 17' 08" N y 74[grados] 35' 36" W; 1 899.