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an orgiastic festival in ancient Rome in honor of Saturn

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a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

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Nominal Christians apparently adopted it as Jesus' birthday, not only to comply with the royal decree but more so, to cloak the event with all the merriment and festivities of Saturnalia, enhancing its popular appeal, and called it 'Christmas'.
During Saturnalia at Roman forts like Housesteads in Northumberland there may have been treats such as figs, dates, pine nuts, snails, fattenedup dormice and garum, a strong-tasting sauce made from fermented fish.
Had we been around 1,900 years ago we'd be getting ready for Saturnalia in honour of the god Saturn which entailed gift-giving and a religious celebrations.
It is not even a Christian celebration - it is a pagan concoction spawned from the debauched, drunken Roman festival of Saturnalia.
The eight-minute album centrepiece Saturnalia and the closing Threats of Romance are perhaps the stand-out moments.
The eightminute album centrepiece Saturnalia and the closing Threats of Romance are perhaps the stand-out moments.
A Saturnalia of Bunk: Selections From The Free Lance, 1911-1915
Catherine Pierce; THE TORNADO IS THE WORLD; Saturnalia (Nonfiction: Poetry) 16.
Some children celebrate Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan or pagan holidays like Yule or Saturnalia.
uk WALES JANUARY 9 Give your legs and your tastebuds a work out on the Saturnalia Real Ale Ramble in Llanwrtyd Wells.
HOW IT WAS REPORTED IN THE 1880s "The King's Norton Saturnalia is growing worse.
At the Saturnalia festival's conclusion, December 25th, Roman authorities believed that by sacrificing this person they were essentially destroying the forces of darkness.
It will be done by appropriating the customs of Saturnalia, a northern European festival celebrating the Winter Solstice, with Saturnalia bushes styled as Christmas trees.
Habra una variedad de espectaculos artisticos (el ano anterior hubo una representacion de la Saturnalia, el antiguo festejo romano del solsticio), telescopios observando al Sol, asi como talleres y conferencias de astronomia para todo publico.
Martha Silano, Reckless Lovely, Saturnalia Books, 2014.