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a giant planet that is surrounded by three planar concentric rings of ice particles

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(Roman mythology) god of agriculture and vegetation

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Before it's final plunge, Cassini completed several months of close dives between Saturn and its rings to examine their composition.
In addition to resolving the immediate problem of network construction and migration, Saturn agreed to withdraw their complaints and comments before the FCC and the FPSC and to refrain from refiling these claims.
Saturn is now relatively easy to spot in the night sky, even as the twilight glow of summer increases.
The new panoramic mosaic of the majestic Saturn system taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which shows the view as it would be seen by human eyes, was unveiled at the Newseum in Washington on Tuesday.
Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system and one of the five planets visible to the unaided eye.
Saturn renamed the unit Saturn Flex Systems, a nod to its flex circuit capability.
GM said in a statement that Penske "has decided to terminate discussions" to acquire Saturn "because of the inability to source new products beyond what it had asked GM to build on contract.
Spice acquired Saturn, which acts as an agent for firms to procure gas and electricity supplies, in a deal worth up to pounds 9m depending on profit performance.
It started when the financial analysts reviewed how much GM had spent on Saturn through the early 1990s.
That new ring's location coincides with the orbits of Janus and Epimetheus, two tiny moons of Saturn.
The giveaway will be a 2007 Saturn Ion worth more than $19,000, plus custom wheels, tinted windows and a custom sound system.
The latest evidence for this theory comes from pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft, which is currently orbiting Saturn.
The power of the planet Saturn isn't new but astrologers are blaming it for massive numbers of thirty-somethings questioning their lives.
Saturn engineer in charge Becky Schwind says they were loading 4% to as much as 10% color concentrate to get consistent parts with a single setting.
Lost foam casting has been a key manufacturing technology for Saturn Corp.