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shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed

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The scientists selected various citrus fruit: Valencia and Navel oranges and Satsuma mandarins from California; Minneola tangelo or Honeybell grown in Florida; and Marsh grapefruit from Texas.
Effect of rootstocks on tree growth, yield and fruit quality of 'Shirawaka' Satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.
A recent survey of the predacious mite fauna of satsuma mandarin in Alabama identified 29 species from 9 families, with the dominant species being Typhlodromalus peregrinus Muma and Proprioseiopsis mexicanus (Garman) (Phytoseiidae), and Agistemus floridanus Gonzalez (Stigmaeidae) (Fadamiro et al.
This orchard had ~ 250 citrus trees comprised primarily of satsuma mandarin ('Owari' variety).
Evaluation of acaricides for control of citrus red mite on Satsuma mandarin.
Satsuma mandarin tangerines are good sources of vitamin A, providing up to 285 RAEs per 100 grams of fruit.
Increasing the consumption of tangerines, particularly Satsuma mandarins (above, in Vietnam), could help reduce vitamin A deficiency in developing countries.
Satsuma mandarins (Citrus reticulata unshui), for example, have much higher amounts of beta-cryptoxanthin than clementines (Citrus reticulata blanco), which in turn have more than other citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits.
Improving taste and peel color of early-season Satsuma mandarins by combining high-temperature conditioning and degreening treatments.
SNOW'S CITRUS COURT This family-run orchard in the Sierra Foothills specializes in Satsuma mandarins, Meyer lemons, limes, pummeloes, kumquats, and blood oranges.
Purshade treated orange and lemon trees in Chile showed an 11 and 8 percent decrease in sunburn, respectively, compared to the untreated trees, and only 10 percent of Satsuma Mandarins in California treated with Purshade experienced sunburn damage compared to 20 percent sun damage on the untreated control.
Inland, choose varieties that can take cold nights; the Sacramento County UC Master Gardeners recommend 'Bearss' lime, 'Improved Meyer' lemon, satsuma mandarins, and 'Washington' navel and 'Valencia' oranges.
This is the place to stock up on fresh-off-the-tree Owari satsuma mandarins, known as "zipper fruit" because they're so easy to peel.