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French writer and existentialist philosopher (1905-1980)


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Satre wrote that the gambling company's Lake Tahoe casinos would "no longer do business with an entity whose actions support a course that is detrimental to Harrah's financial interest and the financial interests of the state.
In place of such data, Satre says, Harrah's has invested in its Web site, making it as interactive as possible in the event that it may one day offer electronic versions of slot machines, blackjack or craps.
Tom Satre says opening the Kent warehouse enabled them to access freight consolidators and use the facility primarily as a consolidation warehouse.
Sabin and Satre said their organization is showing a growth in donations - up 25% this year -- because of a greater urgency on the part of individuals and churches to seek ways to protect the environment.
Satre said the request was made separate from LTD looking to buy the property.
Satre, 59, was formerly the chairman of the board of Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.
Farmers can stop erosion while growing fruit trees and crops to feed their families at the same time they restore the land," Satre added.
They, and we, believe the highest, best and most appropriate use of the property would be residential with an allowance for small scale commercial," Satre wrote in an email.
Satre also serves on several corporate and non-profit boards, including Rite Aid Corporation, the Nevada Cancer Institute, the National D- Day Museum Foundation board of trustees, the UC Davis School of Law Alumni Association board and the Stanford University board of trustees.
Higgins said: "Phil Satre joined the Sierra Pacific board as a proven leader in both business and community affairs in Nevada over many years, and his contributions to our company have been and will continue to be invaluable as he and Michael work together in the years ahead.
Land use planner Rick Satre of Eugene, who represents the applicant, said he'll contest the staff's recommended rejection of the plan.
Rubeli and Satre announced their respective retirements in late 2004 after distinguished careers in the casino industry.
Proper Refractory Practices," Pete Satre, Allied Mineral Products Inc.
Golleher, Philip Satre and Andre Belzile to the Rite Aid Board of Directors.