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French writer and existentialist philosopher (1905-1980)


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Satre retired from Harrah's Entertainment Inc in 2005, having served on the company's board of directors since 1988 and as Chairman since 1997.
In a July 8 response, Satre told Brown he was entitled to "hold and express your political views"--and Harrah's enjoyed the same right.
We tried to look at it as an industry defined by the customer rather than the product," explains Satre, whose 65-year-old Las Vegas-based company reported $3.
Satre says it's not a perfect situation; power to the mine is interrupted frequently and is unavailable when water levels at Dorothy Lake and other AEL&P hydroelectric projects drop.
focus on the teenage audience, Satre says, Blistex can bring the brand
The radiology and imaging business in the United States faces serious challenges as the costs of providing value-added services continue to climb while reimbursements are being cut by both government and private payors," said Rich Satre, M.
The development company has yet to review the Land Use Board of Appeals' March 11 ruling, said Rick Satre, the developers' Eugene consultant.
The company also made the following changes: John Bissell retired as eastern regional sales manager, Douglas Doza was promoted to executive vice president, Dana Goski was promoted to director of research, Peter Satre was promoted to manager of engineering, Ron Brenneman became manager of special projects, Robert Wilson was appointed to manager of design and engineering, David Stanic was promoted to senior regional sales manager, Brett Spychalski was promoted to matrix sales manager, Bruce Voisin was promoted to eastern regional sales manager, and Laura Irwin was promoted to manager of inside sales.
Over the years, with hard work and a lot of effort, Satre advanced to his current position, accumulated company stock and gained ownership of Northern Sales.
Says President and CEO, Rich Satre, "I am very pleased with Ward Hinger's decision to join Radia.
Rick Satre, a land-use consultant representing him on the project, said Patel wants to build as soon as possible.
Brian Meiering, an environmental specialist at Schirmer Satre Group, has earned professional wetland scientist certification from the Society of Wetland Scientists.
I am pleased that Jefferson Healthcare has chosen Radia as a diagnostic imaging services partner," states Rich Satre, MD, President and CEO of Radia.
John Schmidt, a licensed landscape architect, has been hired as a project manager at Schirmer Satre Group, a Eugene consulting firm specializing in land use planning, landscape architecture and environmental resources.
Proper Refractory Practices," Pete Satre, Allied Mineral Products Inc.