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French writer and existentialist philosopher (1905-1980)

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El articulo de Chabot es un verdadero encomio a Sartre, a su escritura y a su manera de entenderla.
Por ultimo, el escrito de Contat se dedica a narrar una anecdota curiosa: en 1952 Sartre redacto una resena del film Milagro en Milan, en Los tiempos modernos, en primera persona del singular en femenino, firmada bajo el seudonimo de Michelle Leglise-Vian.
Yet the pre-reflective past as memory is accorded ontological priority, in that, as Sartre (2008a: p 164) puts it, it is the 'origin and springboard of all my actions', and my 'contingent and gratuitous bond with the world and with myself'.
Explicitly employing Bergson's terminology from Time and Free Will, Sartre goes on to add that the ego is an abstract, infinite contraction of the material self, a 'virtual locus of unity' (Sartre, 2004: p 34)--or, more specifically, it is, in relation to the past as facticity, an 'interpenetrative multiplicity', and in relation to the future, a 'bare potentiality', which is actualised and fixed when it comes into contact with events (p 38).
This particular contradiction came to a head during the late 1960s at the same time that Sartre took an ambivalent position in relation to the conflict between Israel and the neighboring Arab states.
In that text, Sartre had excoriated intellectuals who defined their purview solely in terms of old works.
De esta manera, la estrechez con que Sartre aborda la relacion libertad-guerra en El Ser y la nada, se abre a otros ambitos de posibilidad en su dramaturgia, sin la necesidad de abandonar la tesis central de la responsabilidad y el compromiso que conlleva la libertad que se muestra a si misma en la efectivizacion de cada acto humano.
En primer lugar, el abordaje de la cuestion de la libertad en terminos generales en la obra El ser y la nada de Jean Paul Sartre, con el fin de construir el marco basico de trabajo para el posterior ejercicio relacional entre obra filosofica y obra dramaturgica en el autor en cuestion.
La estrategia de Sartre consiste en probar que la falta surge en el mundo solo por obra y gracia del existente humano, en tanto el es esencialmente falta.
The heroes of At the Existentialist Cafe are Sartre and de Beauvoir, for both of whom Bakewell has a soft spot.
In other words, for Sartre, everything has been figured out for man, except how to live his life.
In his introduction to Being and Nothingness, Sartre begins by exposing and denouncing the so-called illusion of the worlds-behind-the scene.
Here, and with reference to the voices of Russell and Sartre, we simply want to document the coexistence throughout the tribunal of two seemingly incommensurable logics; one which pitted the tribunal as in and of the international legal system, the other which vigorously and unapologetically celebrated its departure from Western norms and protocols.
For our purposes, what is most interesting about Pieper's critical engagement with modernity is his choice of Sartre as perhaps the supreme representative of existentialism, under whose mantle he claimed in 1957 that "the most vital and genuine philosophical thinking is being carried on today.
Sin embargo, creo que existe un desplazamiento de acentos en cuanto a la determinacion de este problema en el pensamiento de Zambrano, con respecto a Heidegger o Sartre, la nada, los paisajes de la desolacion, en Zambrano, son vistos mas bien como experiencia subjetiva del limite historico de la civilizacion moderna, y no tanto como la condicion ontologica de la existencia humana.