Saprolegnia ferax

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a fungus that attacks living fish and tadpoles and spawn causing white fungus disease: a coating of white hyphae on especially peripheral parts (as fins)

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Effects of the pathogenic water mold Saprolegnia ferax on survival of amphibian larvae.
They found that some stocked lakes had high concentrations of a fungus called Saprolegnia ferax.
Among other findings, they have linked amphibian declines in Oregon to elevated levels of exposure to UV-B radiation in sunlight, as well as to infection of embryos by a fungus, Saprolegnia ferax.
We studied the effects of a pathogenic water mold, Saprolegnia ferax, on competitive interactions between the Cascades frog Rana cascadae and the Pacific treefrog Hyla regilla.
Perhaps as a result, a funguslike pathogen, Saprolegnia ferax, was able to rip through and kill many clutches of exposed eggs.
flux magnitude and location along growing hyphae of Saprolegnia ferax and Neurospora crassa.