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The Deputy Minister will be delivering sanitary towels as part of an outreach to the young school going girls in the Community.
Through this scheme, sanitary towels (NRHM's own brand--Freedays) were available at subsidized rates, of as little as Rs1 per sanitary towel.
2 million, nearly half of that from tampon and sanitary towel sales.
And there's nothing worse than looking down and seeing a sanitary towel flapping around your wrist
If the woman is bleeding at such a rate that she needs more than one sanitary towel per hour.
THOSE people who object to the sanitary towel advert may well hold old-fashioned views, but many of us long for such past days.
George, who attended the nearby Anthony Road School, now Shaw Hill primary, and Saltley College, went on to work as a driver at the Southalls sanitary towel factory, in Alum Rock, where Gerda became a manager.
The Kotex sanitary towel brand is to absorb 10m [pounds sterling] of Kimberly-Clark cash in a bid to shake off its fuddy duddy thick maxi towel image and appeal to a younger audience.
It's different to a sanitary towel because it's specially made for little leaks to help ensure you feel 100% fresh and confident.
Patented recently is an absorbent article such as a sanitary towel, diaper, incontinence protector or pantyliner, has a substantially elongated shape with a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction and has two side edges, a front edge and a rear edge, a front portion, a rear portion, and a middle portion located between the front portion and the rear portion.
She was asked if she had anything else, and she produced a sanitary towel stuffed with more white powder.
So it does a better job than a normal sanitary towel.
The invention relates to an absorbent article, such as a sanitary towel a panty liner, a tampon, a diaper or an incontinence pad, which is intended to be positioned in the crotch area of the wearer.
I HAD to laugh when I opened my Daily Post yesterday to read the story about the sanitary towel advert having to be taken down.