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Synonyms for sand

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a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral

French writer known for works concerning women's rights and independence (1804-1876)

fortitude and determination

rub with sandpaper

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And then back to the running, after school, the slap slap of sandshoes as she set out for Clairville Common, just Winifred and the open road.
First employed making sandshoes, she was transferred to making tyres by hand at a large table.
WHICH celebrity scruff owns these boggin' sandshoes.
You might see some Pommies running around in sandshoes rather than studded boots.
He is rounding the point, lumbering among the stones, his trousers rolled up, sandshoes hung round his neck.
Of course," quips the expedition leader, "but make sure you wear sandshoes, or the black gravel at Pendulum Cove may scorch your toes.
they'd be shuffling along in dirty sandshoes and their hair would be screwed up under a hairnet' (p.
Carlao wants all the kids to be able to take part in his football programme but the Brazilian Government say that kids without sandshoes cannot join for insurance purposes.
An old pair of sandshoes and a vest would do just fine, thank you very much.
Ominously we were asked to sign a disclaimer and wear rubber soled sandshoes for safety, conjuring up images of the famous Stanford University electric shock experiments.
Off came her sandshoes, which were hot and full of tickly pieces of hay; the water curled deliciously round her toes; it was warm at the edges, but in the middle it rushed coldly past her bare ankles.
We saw police sometimes letting people take food and water but some of the stuff the looters took was unbelievable - things like sandshoes.
candy-striped sandshoes leopard-skin raincoat three plastic bags contain her worldly belongings one of them with Union Jack on it - what has that ever done for her?
A couple of the clams were more gritty than Spongebob's sandshoes, but the calamari was light and the prawns and mussels stood up well, although sadly not enough to carry the whole dish.