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a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand

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Sand storm and dust is expected to hit Fahud, Qarn Alam, Yaaloni, Thumrait, Samail, Bahla, Marmul, Ibri, Nizwa, Adam, Salalah and Suwaiq.
By eight o'clock in the evening, the sand storms will find their strength again, but this time, in sub-zero temperatures.
Haboob is an Arabic term for a type of intense sand storm generally seen in the Sahara Desert and across the Arabian Peninsula.
A SAND storm in northern Germany caused a huge highway pile-up yesterday that killed eight people and injured at least 41 others.
It was called in to free dozens of trapped ships from the thickest ice since 1992 (AP Photo/Dmitry) Lovetsky) TUNISIA Some of the 250,000 who used to work in Libya and fled the unrest in the country, carry their belongings as they arrive during a sand storm in a refugee camp at the Tunisia-Libyan border, in Ras Ajdir (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
Last year Hussain ali aljassim from riyadh was commended for his photograph of an urban sand storm in riyadh (above).
Aa "The port is still closed, still there is a sand storm, and high sea swells," a source told Reuters.
The planes were flying to Tel Aviv from Prague, Rome, Moscow and Vienna, but due to a sand storm over Tel Aviv were forced to land in Larnaca for safety reasons.
Mechanics, sand wreaks havoc on a Black Hawk windshield, whether it's in a sand storm or the result of rotor wash.
He leads the children into the desert against a blowing wind and sand storm.
Flights from Cyprus were cancelled on Saturday (25 February) due to an unusually severe sand storm.
The authors have consulted with knowledgeable persons to recommend responses to runaway camels and horses (you don't calm them the same way), UFO abductions, runaway trains, leech attachments, being caught in extreme cold or in a sand storm.
Witnesses said Tunis was buffeted by rain, fog and a sand storm at the time of the crash.
Reactive glaze patterns come in 16-piece sets and are available in trendy colors -- Sienna Sky (orange and blue) and Sand Storm (greenish/brown), as well as a reactive decal, Royal Mosaic.
Mostafa told Daily News Egypt that the authority is in continuous contact with the Meteorological Authority and other authorities to monitor the sand storm.