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a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand

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7, 1990, 10 people were injured in car crashes during a sand storm generated by 58 mph gusts.
Operations resumed at the ports when the sand storm subsided after about two hours.
The plane takes off, only to fly into a sand storm that batters the craft, forcing Frank to crash-land in the Gobi.
1 Virgin Vie Go Beach Sand Storm Shower Gel, pounds 8 2 Helena Rubinstein Golden Beauty Tan Highlighter, pounds 18 3 Kiss Heel, Toe and Elbow Pumice, pounds 3.
Clockwise from right, Iraqi women carry water back home through a sand storm in the outskirts of Basra; a penitent walks to church to start the procession of the 'Santa Genoveva' brotherhood in the Andalusian capital Seville in southern Spain; an Ecuadoran fire fighter stands amid flames from a gas pipe leak on the outskirts of Quito; Australian born artist Ron Mueck's Dead Dad (front) and Damien Hirst's The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind, portraying a shark within glass, steel, silicone and formaldehyde, are seen on display at the new Saatchi Gallery in London; flying pigs: a crowd watches as a pig named Beauty dives into a pool of water during a performance at Sydney's Royal Easter Show
Winds gusting up to 86 mph knocked down trees and power poles, damaged roofs and caused a blinding sand storm that led to two crashes and wrecked nine vehicles Thursday in the Antelope Valley.
Meanwhile, the sand storm overwhelming Ras Al Khaimah has led to a fire which destroyed 35 palm trees in a farm of an Emirati behind the Tawun Sports and Cultural Club to the north of the emirate.
Muscat: Muscat, Ibra and Khasab will witness rain while Buraimi, Fahud, Rustaq and Qar Alam will witness dust and sand storm, Oman meteorological department said in its latest weather alert.
The delegation representing the Kuwaiti fire department presented a work paper about the sand storm that struck Kuwait earlier this year -- as a result of which five people had gone missing.
And when we have the sand storm here, then everyone are literally covered by s***.
However, it would appear that the little tern chicks beat the weather by scuttling behind larger dunes to seek protection from the sand storm.
A MASSIVE sand storm left 10 Royal Navy helicopter pilots stranded in the Kuwait desert overnight yesterday and downed most of the force's fleet for 12 hours.
But his absence has kicked up a sand storm on the domestic front because his wife Karron is feeling a little DESERTED.
Sand storm - veteran American Arnold Palmer struggles out of a bunker during the Senior British Open at Royal County Down yesterday on his way to a second round 75 and a missed cut