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Synonyms for sandpit

a large pit in sandy ground from which sand is dug

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a plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in

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But Miller, the Fawna rescuer who first responded to the sand pit, pushed back.
As soon as Zaman Ullah and Nazir Khan started to work the work in sand pit the landmine exploded and Iman Ullah died on the spot.
The level of sand pit is 5cm below than what it should be.
Police had been looking for him after he allegedly fled from a party at a sand pit off Route 67.
The Oxnard Fire Department in a statement said that Sang along with his friends had dug a sand pit of at least six feet on Wednesday afternoon.
The trial court declined to use the income approach to establish the property's current value because the sales comparison method was used to establish the 2000 value of the sand pit.
That'll be because they were in a sand pit in a shed outside Moscow.
After six years on Mars and nine months stuck in a sand pit, the driving days are officially over for the Spirit rover, NASA said January 26.
37 acre sand pit located in the heart of Okeechobee county(near the lake).
A pottery cup and a small carved figurine were among the artifacts found at the Snake River sand pit.
A waif drifted by on a pink swing above the busy central bar, while pretty gals in pink shorts and pigtails romped in the sand pit and wrestled in the ball pit.
THE FOLLOWING WEEK I took my students to the sand pit where I had learned the experiment.
A thick, 20-yard long rope is used for this competition, which is conducted in our sand pit, to enhance its difficulty.
WHEN your 20-month-old daughter is having a fine time in a park sand pit, there's nothing to do but join in too.
Surrounding the sand pit is a water-filled "moat" with about a dozen alligators.