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small amphipod crustaceans that hop like fleas

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We used 35 local terms (nigua, nihua, niua, pique, pigue, piqui, piki, pico, sico, seccec, chegoe, chego, chigger, puce chique, puce de sable, chique, chica, bicho de pe, bicho do porco, pulga de areia, jatecuba, jigger, chicque, sand flea, tchike, tschike, sike, xique, ckicke, aagrani, atten, tom, tu, tungay, and tunga) and 9 scientific terms (Pulex minimus cutem penetrans Americanus, Pulex minutissimun nigricans, Acarus fuscus sub cutem nidulans proboscide acutiore, Pulex penetrans, Rhynchoprion penetrans, Sarcophaga penetrans, Dermatophilus penetrans, Sarcopsylla penetrans, and Tunga penetrans).
However, embedded sand fleas can be found almost anywhere in the body, depending on the point of contact with the sand (3).
Sand fleas and coquinas at her feet, uncovered by each plash, dig or scurry back into the wet.
There's no pool and the beach has a major problem with sand fleas in the late afternoon," he reveals.
She and the 29 other women in the unit endured the same sand fleas, camel spiders, and battle conditions as the men.
Most old timers have plenty of gripes about the landscape: grassburs, sand fleas, catbrier, etc.
While we protect the rights of the convicted murderer, the whales, frogs and sand fleas (to say nothing of the pristine Alaskan wilderness), we abandon the helpless human being.
once; three of the following: shrimp, sand fleas, sea urchin crabs, flounder clams, worms, snails, mussels, lobsters, plants; nocturnal; night
They recontoured the shoreline and spread more than 4,700 tons of sand, gravel and rock to provide natural hiding places for burrowing worms, shrimp, sand fleas and other small native creatures that fish eat.
They found the sparkling white sand beaches swarming with sand fleas.
I can't remember how long the silence lasted--perhaps only 10 or 20 seconds-- but it was long enough to make it clear that we were sand fleas in this man's universe.
military to keep sand fleas from soldiers in the desert.
Tandem pompano rigs with clam strips, sand fleas or artificial Fishbites are easy for these species to sniff out in the surf.
Use live or frozen shrimp, sand fleas and fiddler crabs fished on a small hook.
It seems that the hose help ward off the sand fleas.