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Synonyms for dune

Synonyms for dune

a ridge of sand created by the wind


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Seeds used in the two experiments were either harvested in August 2006 on the adjacent sand dune system (L.
During November 2003 a large number of spadefoot toads were observed in the sand dune system of Viesca, Coahuila.
The reserve is a delicate 5,000-year-old sand dune system with heathland and woodland surrounded by an estuary and is home to a range of animals and plants including badgers and stoats.
MERTHYR MAWR DUNES, NEAR BRIDGEND: Merthyr Mawr dunes are a huge network of dunes, rolling over towards Ogmore and Porthcawl, and once the largest sand dune system in Europe.
We know that they are not usually found outside of the sand dune system - you don't see them when you're walking down the road - but we need more information and the survey will give us that," explains Pauline, who works for West Lancs-based environmental consultancy Coast and Country Ecology.
Newton Dunes forms the western end of the Merthyr Mawr sand dune system and is home to a quarter of all of the flowering plants recorded in Wales.
The council is working with landowners Presthaven Sands and BHF Billiton to protect Flintshire's only sand dune system.
Proposals to give a facelift to Newborough Forest on Anglesey and enhance the internationally renowned sand dune system have generated a lot of local interest and caused concern.
Hesketh lies at the northern end of south west Lancashire's sand dune system with half of the holes winding through these dunes and the other half setting a quite different, yet equally testing challenge, on land bordering the Ribble Estuary.
CCW's controversial plans would conform to European legislation demanding the area be returned to a large mobile sand dune system a rare type of habitat across Europe.
Once found in sand dune systems across the north and west coast of Wales, they were driven to extinction in the 1960s as a result of development and man-made changes to coastal ecosystems.
We have incorporated the sand dune systems into the design of Al Saad to enable the community to feel connected to the local environment and enjoy the scenic views created.
The UPC statement added that precautions will be taken to preserve the environmental characteristics of the area, especially as the sand dune systems to its north are an appealing and important component of Al Ain's landscape.
BULLDOZERS have moved on to Kenfig National Nature Reserve in an effort to remodel its sand dune systems.