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United States architect (1838-1886)

British stage and screen actor noted for playing classic roles (1902-1983)

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PAMELA Or, Virtue Rewarded Samuel Richardson (1740):
Approaches to Teaching The Novels of Samuel Richardson
In three central chapters which focus on the novelistic practices of Samuel Richardson, Ann Radcliffe, and George Eliot, Price aligns the anthology with its disreputable cousins--the abridgment, the expurgated edition, the bowdlerization--in order to show how these little-studied forms exerted an influence on reading in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
There are a few misprints (116, 150, 275), and Samuel Richardson is once misidentified as Herbert Richardson (57).
Sir Charles Grandison' is a 52 page play adapted by Austen from the book 'The History of Sir Charles Grandison' by Samuel Richardson, her favourite author.
Among the more famous books and authors banned by the Index were the novels Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and Pamela by Samuel Richardson, often cited as the first English novel.
A number of his other works have been lent to the exhibition including his most famous, the series of four paintings illustrating the novel Pamela by his friend Samuel Richardson, from the Tate.
296 (to Lady Bradshaigh, 25 February 1754); see also his letter to Clairaut of 12 September 1755, cited by Eaves and Kimpel, Samuel Richardson, p.
Alexander Pope and Samuel Richardson aren't half as romantic as Shakespeare.
Like Samuel Richardson, Chamoiseau evokes a divided community of talkers, in which some are incomprehensible to others, or one group pretends not to understand another (or pretends to understand another).
In a particularly long digression, she chastizes Samuel Richardson for "playing light" (179) with the seduction and mistreatment of Clarissa, indicating clearly her belief that his novel is a comedy rather than a tragedy; one wonders how carefully Shefer read Clarissa before taking issue with Richardson.