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American Revolutionary leader and patriot

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Imagine burying your nose in a pile of fresh hop cones - that's what you'll experience when you drink Rebel Raw," said Seth Adams, brewer at Samuel Adams.
Beer geeks sometimes dismiss Samuel Adams as an innocuous (and ubiquitous) amber lager, but for those who have watched the growth of the craft segment from the beginning, it is a brand with almost totemic significance.
com/SamuelAdams, and Samuel Adams Boston Lager can be found wherever good beer is sold.
To Hogeland's credit, he proves the founding of the United States was messy, desperate, and, thanks to Samuel Adams, forever obscure.
Narrator D: As it turns out, Samuel Adams was wrong: Tea ends up getting the people of Boston plenty riled.
In the latest contest, 66,283 beer drinkers around the country tasted the Boston-based brewer's Revolutionary Rye and Samuel Adams Belgian IPA, and the Rye garnered 63% of the vote.
Available at Samuel Adams and Wisconsin cheese retail displays, the booklet includes coupons for Wisconsin cheese, Simply Potatoes, Pam Cooking Spray Product, and Chinet Plates.
Each chef had to create a unique appetizer, entree and dessert using a Samuel Adams brew.
He and his friend and fellow signer Samuel Adams had already lived with a price on their heads for more than a year before July 1776.
In a few years Adams went from a small-town lawyer, best known for successfully defending the Redcoat soldiers accused of killing colonists in a riot organized by his cousin Samuel Adams, to the floor leader of pro-independence legislators at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
SAN DIEGO -- The Boston Beer Company today announced that its Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream[R] program is now offering loans to small businesses in the San Diego area and will also be hosting its first speed coaching event for the region's small business community.
to introduce the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut of beef to consumers.
This author's lively and celebratory biography of Samuel Adams will likely appeal to a popular audience.
A TRADITIONAL Eastern German beer style rarely brewed in the United States, Samuel Adams Black Lager should have beer connoisseurs lining up for a taste.
brewer of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, is gearing up for Oktoberfest festivities with its seasonal fall brew, Samuel Adams OctoberFest.