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a Japanese warrior who was a member of the feudal military aristocracy

feudal Japanese military aristocracy

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Sadamu Kumagai, a member of AFSMI's Samuari Chapter, was recognized for dedicating his own time to translating the AFMSI s-business white paper, "S-Business: Defining the Services Industry," into Japanese.
So, with Clover Hare likely to see off Samuari Jack's early challenge, the question is, can he hold Borna Pilot's rush?
Heat 3: 9-4 Samuari Jack 5-2 Business Success 11-4 Simply Vintage 9-2 Lemon Rebel 7 Word Of God 25 Riverside Hope.
Early pace also decided heat seven, where Johnny Kavanagh's Samuari Jack dashed clear to the bend and ran on gamely when challenged by Johnny Jump Up to win by three-parts-of-a-length in 28.
Samuari Jack is the shortest priced of the four in the outright betting, but will need to be on his toes to account for the likes of Borna Dasher, Man Of Lamancha, Blacluan Vintage, Bigjohn Jarrnley and Nod Mac.