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(Old Testament) a judge of Israel who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistines until he was betrayed to them by his mistress Delilah

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a large and strong and heavyset man

References in classic literature ?
Samson had got too near the mastiff's kennel once, and had felt his terrible breath in his face.
The door opened; Miss Nellie and her music-master stood behind it, but blind Samson, who was so sensitive to presences, did not know they were there.
When Samson was well again, his young mistress led him back to the piano.
Oh, there are very fine stories of that sort about the Greeks,--about the heroes of early times who killed the wild beasts, as Samson did.
Exiled from Light': Divine Law, Morality and Violence in Milton's Samson Agonistes.
As an individual, selected by God to be the first to deliver Israel from the Philistines Samson is equipped with supernatural strength and fatal weaknesses for Philistine women.
Everything has been improved,'' Samson said of her game.
Newmark Managing Principal Chuck Tabone and Associate Director Dan Gazzola represented Samson in lease negotiations.
In exchange for a Junior Senior remix, Le Tigre appear on the Danish duo's new disc, "We had such an amazing experience with them," says Samson.
Samson is interested in pathways that repair DNA alkylation damage, and any other pathways that ameliorate or exacerbate their toxicity.
The difficulty in Samson Agonistes, arising as it does from the hero's vengeful and suicidal behavior, has grown steadily more pressing over the past two decades.
Samson sources claim the move by the Crown is part of a strategy to convince Justice Max Teitelbaum that Samson lawyers are wasting the courts time with a motion to subpoena Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault as witnesses.
A founding member of Dykes Can Dance, a troupe that stages interventions at New York clubs, Samson shares music duties, makes art, and choreographs the stage show.