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(telecommunication) the frequency of sampling per unit time

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The entire AD777x series incorporates sample rate converters that enable the fine adjustment of the sampling rate and maintain coherency to a 0.
The average time to detection is directly related to the suspicious packet rate and the sample rate used by sFlow.
For each frequency and pulsation level the 4-path meter was tested at sample rate settings of 10, 15, 20 and 25 SPS.
Customers can also use TI's TSW1200 digital capture tool for rapid evaluation of ADCs of up to 16-bit resolution and 500-MSPS sample rates to further speed development time.
Equipped with a 256MB per channel memory board, the digitiser also provides high sustained sample rates over extended data capture windows.
Accurate geometric surface data even at steep edges of raised lettering uncover bulges or depressions under embossed features perfectly, while eliminating invalid data drop outs at a full 2 kHz sample rate, according to the company.
The Dash 8X portable data acquisition system can simultaneously capture 8 analog channels to an internal hard drive at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel and 4 scope channels at a sample rate of 10 MHz per channel for a total of 12 channels of data acquisition.
The system, which can be used for gaming, music editing and MP3 playback, amongst other things offers a built-in sample rate converter that records at the CD-standard of 44.
In comparison, a CD player has 16-bit output resolution with a sample rate of 44.
Conventional analog-to-digital converters (ADC) for fast data conversion of 1 Gsps and above generally use slower, interleaved ADCs to achieve the required sample rate in digital sampling oscilloscopes (DSO).
Nasdaq: CRUS) has introduced the CS8422, a 24-bit, 192 kHz digital audio receiver with a low-jitter PLL and integrated asynchronous sample rate converter.
2 GMAC/s or 295 MIPS) at the standard sample rate of 48 kHz.
The sample rate of an oscilloscope is similar to the frame rate of a movie camera.
Block mode captures at the full 1-MS/s sample rate of the logger for the duration of the 8-kS buffer.
The EyeCon-2 high-speed laser line sensor for tire sidewall inspection radial run out measurement and other applications in the rubber and tire industry is said to be unique in that it has dual vision cameras in one sensor housing that detect small defects wherever they occur at a full 2 kHz sample rate and at a high resolution.