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Synonyms for moonshine

Synonyms for moonshine

whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash

distill (alcohol) illegally

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A few weeks later, Ivan added an extra bottle of samogon to his tower partner's libations.
Local leaders kept offering him vodka or samogon, but he refused; he would, however, drink with his friends, and party until late ("Zapisi inspektora Gubpolitprosveta Fomina proizvedennye pri rabote v Rostovetskoi volosti Kashirskogo uezda s 28/V po 8/VII [1928]," Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Moskovskoi oblasti f.
On y voit des policiers et des professeurs d'universite, par exemple, se constituer des reseaux d'echange et de production, ou le travail au noir, la production clandestine de samogon (du tord-boyau a 65 degres et plus) et le blat (sorte de troc) fleurissent.
Collective farms and their subsidiary enterprises, owners of 'small means of transport', vodka manufacture, both legal and samogon, and distribution, and the Caucasus republics (Georgia in particular) proved particularly rich sources of illicit (from the system's perspective) monetisation and private 'entrepreneurial' activity (Grossman, 1977b, pp.
Efforts to limit production and sales of "official" vodka resulted in a increased sales of moonshine, or samogon in Russian parlance.
As he entered the foyer, my ears picked up the clinking of plates, a snippet of a tune my papa is singing, and the gurgling of samogon being poured.
Russia produces millions of litres of home-made alcohol, known as samogon.
He adds that "Russians, being masters of evasion and camouflage, often keep pigs in the vicinity of the still to mask the fine aroma of samogon in case the militia should come around sniffing.