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Our goal is to equip users with additional information to help them better understand the sources of news content that they choose to watch on YouTube," Samek said
Furthermore, it is not appropriate to change the name of the Cuban association from Salicornietum perennis Samek 1973 to Sarcocornietum perennis Samek 1973 nom.
Samek and Sheremeta (2015) looked at selective recognition in charitable giving and found that recognizing only highest contributors had a pronounced effect due to the high signaling value attached to the recognition.
Varios investigadores han realizado estudios de la vegetacion en las Alturas de Pizarras entre los que se pueden mencionar: Leon y Alain (1951, 1953 y 1957), Roig (1988), Samek y Del Risco (1989), Figueroa (2002), Benitez (2002), Valdes (2003) y Gonzalez (2006).
US Bureau of National Affairs study 1999 in Hsieh, T, Lavoie, J & Samek, RAP 1999, "Are you taking your expatriate talent seriously", McKinsey Quarterly, Vol 3
building blocks in all phases of identity development (Hamilton, Samek,
Adimando's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is represented by public and private collections including; The Slater Memorial Art Museum, The Philadelphia Free Library, Samek Art Gallery at Bucknell University, and Tower Investments Gallery.
This column is submitted on behalf of the Environmental and Land Use Law Section, Kelly Kathleen Samek, chair, and Susan Martin, editor.
Samek Lodovici defiende a san Agustin de estas criticas, haciendo ver que san Agustin da al termino culpa venial el sentido de imperfeccion (49).
Viceroy Hotel Group creator and former CEO Brad Korzen, along with partners Brian De Lowe and Alex Samek, has launched new brand Proper Hotels, with the first property to open this year in San Francisco.
En tal sentido, Lopez y Samek (2009) afirman que el exito de la inclusion digital depende de un conjunto de operaciones tecnicas, asi como de la cooperacion de comunidades de usuarios, del desarrollo de herramientas colaborativas, de la puesta en marcha de servicios y de lo que denominan un buen gobierno, para que situada como punto fundamental en la discusion de la justicia social y los derechos humanos, fomente nuevos espacios para la tolerancia y la comprension, lo cual requiere voluntad politica y accion colectiva, ademas de acceso, conocimiento y uso de variedad de tecnologias.
For years, the family would buy fresh produce from Brook Garden, a farm stand owned and operated by Raymond Samek, who died in June 2013.
20203), researchers Aileen Heinberg, Angela Hung, Arie Kapteyn, Annamaria Lusardi, Anya Samek, and Joanne Yoong take up the question of how to provide effective yet highly-scalable financial education for the general population.
Oliver was born Victor Oliver von Samek in Austria and, because he was Jewish, appeared on Hitler's blacklist of people to be killed following a successful Nazi invasion of Britain.