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Of course the publisher has to take the blame for that one, but the mistake is understandable; a similar danger exists with the nearly interchangeable samech and final mem.
As a case in point to illustrate the remarks above, the case of orthographies with Semitic samech will be discussed.
The principal reason for this is undoubtedly that samech had changed in phonetic value in the meantime.
The awareness of the land and city of Ramses may be earlier, but the orthography with samech is a late phenomenon.
The evidence mustered by Yoshiyuki may prove helpful in determining the date for the substitution of samech for sin.
30,5: aleph interpretatur 'doctrina', beth 'domus', gimel 'plenitudo', daleth 'tabularum', he 'ista', uau 'et', zai 'haec', heth 'uita', teth 'bonum', iod 'principium', caph 'manus', lamed 'disciplinae' siue 'cordis', mem 'ex ipsis', nun 'sempiternum', samech 'adiutorium', ain 'fons' siue 'oculus', phe 'os' [.