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a mine where salt is dug

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a job involving drudgery and confinement

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This merger is a fantastic opportunity to combine the forces of two successful companies and strengthen our long-term competitive advantage: the true integration of high-end consulting, software development, branding, and marketing," said Jayson Jarmon, president of Saltmine.
Saltmine is being brought to Liverpool Cathedral with the help of Vikki Shacklady, a youth worker from Ormskirk.
Saltmine Theatre Company believes in using the power of theatre to enhance lives and has been touring professionally in theatres, schools and churches across the UK since it was established in 1985.
Salad Dressing Category--Steve Rischmiller, Saltmine Group, Sydney, Australia.
Graham Tilby, the council's co-ordinator of the Safeguarding Children's Board, completed the race in four hours 13 minutes on behalf of the organisation and of the Saltmine Trust Hope 2008 team, The money will go towards raising awareness about the risks posed to children and young people by internet and phone technology.
Saltmine Theatre Company performs a tale of family and forgiveness as the Ten Boom family bravely hide Jews in their shop during the Nazi occupation of Holland.
If you threw a plain twig in a saltmine, it would come out covered in salt crystals.
Prior to PlayNetwork, Hoover was Vice President of Finance and Administration for Seattle-based Saltmine Inc.
THE Saltmine Theatre Company will perform The Apostle of Faith at Cardiff City Temple, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, on Sunday, June 27, at 6.
CRIME is the focus of The Cross and The Switchblade, being staged by Saltmine Theatre Company at Solihull Arts Complex.
Saltmine Theatre Company presents Nigel Forde's adaptation of the C S Lewis story set in 1939 exploring the subject of damnation.
Drama offerings range from Snap Theatre Company with My Beautiful Laundrette and Saltmine Theatre Company's production of The Cross and the Switchblade, to music hall and vaudeville in A Little of What You Fancy.
Lot 59 is a bay Chief's Crown colt who is the first produce of the German stakes winner In The Saltmine, a Damister mare.
Strengthening our creative offerings through Saltmine [a provider of interactive design, web development and rich media solutions] is a natural progression for Minecode," said PK Samal, Minecode CEO.
The trip is being organised by a Dudley-based Christian organisation, Saltmine.