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a thin crisp slice of potato fried in deep fat

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Kerry's Alan Pearce said: "Dry salt and vinegar sprinkles are revolutionary.
We added malt vinegar flavoured seasoning to sea salt and the result is salt and vinegar flavoured chips without the sogginess," he added.
In fact, cheese and onion, ready salted, and salt and vinegar still account for almost two-thirds of sales of standard crisps.
Kerry Flavours and Ingredients liked the idea so much it has developed four salt and vinegar shakes to try out on his customers.
Salt and vinegar crisps are more salty than other flavours (even ready salted) because the vinegar has a very strong taste so there needs to be more salt added for flavour.
Salt and vinegar comes next, followed by peanuts and chilliflavoured crisps in a nationwide survey carried out by Publican magazine.