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the code of laws of the Salian Franks and other German tribes

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This stratagem is designed to shift responsibility for the decision onto the Archbishop, who can later be blamed should the war fall, and onto the law itself because in Canterbury's interpretation, Salic Law is shown to require action by Henry.
Following the death of the Cardinal of Bourbon in 1590, whom the Leaguers had acclaimed as King Charles X, they toyed with the idea of setting aside the Salic Law and having a Spanish Infanta, Isabella Clara Eugenia, as queen.
But untimely deaths, barren spouses, and the Salic law that excluded women from the throne all took their toll.
Judges administered the Salic law of the Franks in these courts, and there was a kind of "manual of law and legal procedure for the use or guidance of free judges" of the Hundred Court.
After the death in 1584 of Francois de Valois, brother of Henri III and heir to the throne, following the dictates of the Salic law the king designated as his successor the Protestant Henri of Navarre.
Henderson's account of these complicated borrowings and elisions may seem at times as tortuous as the Archbishop of Canterbury's tendentious explication of the Salic Law in Henry V.
In an age when, in accordance with Salic law, women had no right in France to occupy the throne, it is perhaps ironic, but not surprising, that between 1560 and 1793 there were four regencies and proposals for a fifth (Marie-Antoinette).
Salic law forbade the female succession in Hanover and so William's 66 year old brother Ernst August became King George III's fifth son the Duke of Cumberland, an extraordinary sinister figure who was not much liked and who was described by his sister in law Queen Caroline as a very odious man But Schloss Marienburg has always had all the poignancy and romance of the dream castles created by King Ludwig of Bavaria, who was, as is wellknown, Wagner's greatest fan.
He faces ex-Irish Relaxed Gesture, second in the Grade 1 Manhattan Handicap on his most recent effort, and Darley Stable's late-developer Salic Law.
The King at first "absorb[s] both the church's money and its sanctifications of violence that after the second scene the bishops [who opened the play debating the Salic law as just cause for war between England and France] drop out of the play altogether" (124-125).
An English translation of Encyclopedie Politique et Historique des Femmes, this resource addresses the political condition of women from Salic Law to the modern day, focusing specifically on European and North American regions.
7 Salic Law excluded whom or what from inheritance and succession?
Consulting Warner's text we find 'this dislike eventually culminated in 1328 in the application of Salic law to the crown of France and the exclusion of women from the succession' (p.
Shakespeare's Henry V launches his invasion of France after his legal advisers reassure him that he is the legitimate heir to the French throne, notwithstanding the Salic law prohibition on inheritance through the female line.
Further, through a discussion of the Salic Law and its (ir)relevance to the final act of Henry V, I attempt to explain why Henry inflicts his fervent wooing upon a woman with whom, many scholars have argued, he need not have bothered.