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2 at T II 758b26: "Then the Buddha Dipamkara, knowing what that Brahmin was thinking in his mind, said: 'Rise up quickly, in the future you will become a Buddha called the Tathagata Sakyamuni, an arhat, fully and rightly awakened.
El Mahavastu incorpora ademas numerosas jataka y avadana, historias en si mismas, como fragmentos pseudobiograficos de las vidas anteriores de Sakyamuni.
If there were five Buddhas on the main wall, then the most likely composition would be a central Sakyamuni flanked by the Eight Medicine Buddhas, which include Sakyamuni again.
Destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, Bamiyan owes its popularity to the presence of giant statues of Sakyamuni Buddha, with the smallest measuring up to 5.
The temple also contains four kinds of standard deities that bestow prosperity of different sorts--the god of fortune (caishen), the goddess of childbirth and infant mortality (niangniang), gods of domestic animals (liuchu dawang) and Prince Sakyamuni (dvn zix cainl).
beloved Sakyamuni in his last posture before entering Nirvana.
One of the reasons Sotaesan was fascinated with Sakyamuni Buddha, and The Diamond Sutra in particular, is that they emphasize the doctrine of no-self and sunyata (emptiness).
Little did the Buddhist monks who created a thriving centre for religion, philosophy, and Indian art in Bamiyan -- then a prosperous city that sat along the Silk Road that linked the Hindu Kush mountain region with other centres of learning on the subcontinent -- little did they know that the two statues for Vairocana and Sakyamuni Buddhas would be smashed to pieces.
Macao, May 4 (Xinhua-ANI): After a 10-day tour in Hong Kong and Macao, the parietal bone of Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism, was flown back to Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province from Macao on Friday.
The parietal bone relic of Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, which was excavated in Nanjing in 2010, is also on display for public worshipping through Monday.
In chapter 13 of the Vimalakirti nirdesa sutra, the royal King of Healing/Pure Eye is associated with the moon on the left, since he taught Sakyamuni the Dharma when he was Prince Lunar Canopy in a past life (Birnbaum 1979, 82).
Only Buddhists match Catholics in their zeal for translation and in the passion of their judgment that no natural language has sacred or unsurpassable significance, not even the language used by Gautama Sakyamuni.
6) Claudine Bautze-Picron, "Lumiere et Obscurite: L'Eveil de Sakyamuni et la victoire sur Mara des debuts a l'epoque Gupta", Annali 58, 1/2, 1998, pp.
In Buddhism the cosmic Buddha who is identical with the Dharma is the impersonal void of Being, the essential Buddhahood [omitted by HMM: into which Sakyamuni is absorbed by identifying himself with all the other Buddhas who have disappeared].
The content of these three texts are as follows; the Srimaladevi-sutra is the story of Queen Srimala, the daughter of India's King Prasenajit, who expounds the teachings of Sakyamuni.