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a town in northern Egypt

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Imhotep me rodeo, junto con otros edificios del complejo de Sakkara, con un muro de piedra caliza tallada de mas de 10 metros de altura.
24) Newby's fiction charts the phases of post-war nationalism from the early disturbances in Kith (1977) and The Picnic at Sakkara, through the military coup in Revolution and Roses (1957) to the Suez Crisis in Something to Answer For and A Guest and His Going (1959).
The tomb is one of 36 New Kingdom tombs of the Ramesside period discovered at Sakkara between 1984 and 1988 by archaeologists from Cairo University.
It is one of two newly-discovered tombs found close to the entrance of Sakkara, the burial ground for Egypt's ancient capital.
It is one of two newly discovered tombs found by an Egyptian team working close to the entrance of Sakkara, the burial ground for Egypt's ancient capital.
More touristy photos and we were back on our minibus heading to Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, followed by the ancient burial ground of Sakkara.
Created to honour King Zoser - the first ruler of the Third Dynasty - the central edifice of the 4600-year-old mastaba (a tomb for kings) at Sakkara, Egypt, is the oldest man-made building of any kind still in existence.
SANITARY Egypt Construction 938 ALKAN PHARMA Egypt Health 939 SAKKARA TOURISM Egypt Leisure 940 LONGMAN NIGERIA Nigeria Media 941 NMBZ HOLDINGS Zimbabwe Banks/Finance 942 CHEMCO HOLDINGS Zimbabwe Chemicals 943 NILE METALLURGICAL Egypt Construction 944 RUBEX PLASTICS Egypt Manufacturing 945 FALCON INVESTMENTS Zimbabwe Mining/Metals 946 ARAB MEDICAL PACKING Egypt Manufacturing 947 NEW DELTA PLASTIC CO.
Sakkara then changed her name to Purgatori and finds her revenge by ravaging young village girls who can't seem to get their passions satisfied by the village men.
However, Mick Halford's Sakkara Star might just be a fly in the ointment at decent odds of 12/1.
3) Who was the architect of the Sakkara Pyramid, and what else was he known--and venerated--for?
The discovery of another ancient pyramid, 6,500 years old, which was announced in Egypt yesterday, has coincided with the return to Egypt of one of Britain's foremost Eygptologists, Professor WB Emery, the Edwards Professor at University College, London, who in April, also made important discoveries at Sakkara.
Oriental Weaver of America will show traditional red patterns in its new Sakkara Collection.
Comparison with epistles from Horvat Uza and Sakkara show that precisely the same formulation was used among the Edomites and the Phoenicians.