Saint Patrick

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Apostle and patron saint of Ireland

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A person can't go wrong with the standard corned beef and cabbage, which is a breeze to make--a brined beef brisket, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and spices go into a stockpot or slow cooker, and a couple hours later, you have a meal fit for a king, or Saint Patrick himself.
The series reveals while German barbarics took over civilised Britain after the Roman's left with the collapse of their Empire, Saint Patrick and his message of Christianity and learning transformed Ireland into the cultural powerhouse of early medieval Europe.
Today we recognise the legacy of Saint Patrick and in moving forward we continue to recognise and cherish the values we have inherited from Patrick - the values of generosity and sharing.
Finding Ireland" is a must for anyone who wants to learn about the home of Saint Patrick.
SAINT PATRICK saved the souls of the pagan Irish but he has never officially been made a Saint by the Vatican.
Surrounded by artifacts celebrating the contributions of New York's famed "Fighting 69th" regiment and its military chaplains and the patron saint of the Irish, Saint Patrick, The National Museum of Catholic Art and History (NMCAH) hosted a landmark "An Irish Celebration," on March 11.
CANOGA PARK - The Sherman Way corridor will come alive with the sound of bagpipes and the twirling of Irish flags as the Canoga Park Improvement Association pays homage to Saint Patrick on Monday from 1 a.
Mourners at the Church of Saint Patrick in the village heard Parish Priest Fr Charlie Byrne also offer prayers for Lord Ballyedmond's family and the families of the two pilots who died in the crash, Carl Dickerson and Lee Hoyle.
DANCING ON THE GREEN Seventeenth of March, a great day for the Irish Patron Saint Patrick which we all kneel and pray Church bells beckon all to prayer Shamrock will be worn with personal pride Villages green everywhere, the couples are dancing Music played by a fiddle, got a foot a tappin' Thirsty throats shout 'Give us a drink
SAINT Patrick, that global symbol of Irishness, has a surprising admirer - firebrand DUP chief Dr Ian Paisley.
SAINT Patrick may have been a slave trader rather than a slave himself, a Cambridge University historian claims.
ECHO Mar 1)I do not think we should celebrate nor make a bigthing of Saint Patrick or Saint David's Day,but I do think we would make a very big thing of Saint George's Day,April 23.
HOLLYWOOD scriptwriters have given Saint Patrick a lover in a blockbuster movie about his life.
It might lead a whole community to celebrate one Easter in the Vietnamese style and then Our Lady of Guadalupe with the Mexicans and then Saint Patrick with the Irish.