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More than 11 centuries after his death, the Catholic Church declared the monk Saint Bede the Venerable (worthy of respect).
To explore the writings of the Anglo-Saxon saint Bede (673-735), scholars of literature, history, and religion draw on recent perspectives that include attention to his exegesis in addition to the history he is best known for today, the inter-textual dimension of his writing, and his self-conception as a writer and scholar.
He died on the 25th of May, 1970, the feast of Saint Bede, an Anglo-Saxon monk of whose culture Dawson had written so eloquently.
That is one of the meanings appropriate here: another is proposed by Saint Bede, according to which he believes that our daily bread, of which we are currently speaking, is the very word of God the Almighty.
Bede's Way was the route monks would take to travel between the two, including its namesake Saint Bede, Europe's greatest scholar of the time.
During that time, they have welcomed large numbers of people who have come to the area to learn about its link with the great northern saint Bede, which is particularly strong at St Paul's.
Stockton Stage Society is holding general auditions at Our Lady and Saint Bede School on Bishopton Road West, Stockton, on Tuesday, September 3, between 7pm -9pm.