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On completion of port visit, while leaving Port Sultan Qaboos, PN sail ship Rahnaward sailed together with RNO sail ship Shabab Oman-II.
Sail ship Lord Nelson, the flag ship of Jubilee Trust of United Kingdom, was accorded a warm reception by the Indian Navy's sail ship INS Tarangini and INS Sudarshini.
At the end of a three-month stay in the city, the crew of the 18th Century-style wooden sail ship was escorted to the barrage by a flotilla of boats and yachts as hundreds of people watched.
They pointed out that the US Navy has ships not far off the Iranian coast and Iran has the very same right to sail ships off the US coast.
Muscat, Aug 5 (ONA) The Royal Navy of Oman's (RNO) Ship "Shabab Oman" won the International Friendship Cup award at the sail ships race for the tenth time in the history of its participation in sailing ships' races.
After concluding a successful participation at the sail ships race and festival, the Royal Navy of Oman ship Shabab Oman set sail yesterday from Port of Szczecin in the Republic of Poland on her voyage back home.