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aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

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As for the Happy Go Lucky, which England and his crew were busy building in his parents' Thurston area garage this past week, it will be a sort of sail plane, also green and yellow with a touch of orange, and a smiley face on the front.
It was a bright sunny morning on May 24, 2001, when two sail plane pilots, one German and the other French, embarked on a record-setting adventure to fly from Alamogordo Municipal Air-port, New Mexico, to Denver, Colorado.
Jim Tecu has taken to the air in a sail plane glider, a gyroplane and a Cold War vintage Czech jet fighter.
T-51 (C-150) Cadet Flying Team aircraft, piper Super Cub tow plane, TG-10B basic sail plane trainer, TG-10C aerobatic sailplane trainer, TG-15 A/B advanced cross-country glider, T-41D (C-172) TACAV and flight test aircraft, UV-18B parachuting jump plane.
The team flew three different sail planes that reached an altitude of approximately 1700 feet flying almost two dozen Nevada UAS Test Site Certification of Authorization (COA) flights from August 7-11, 2017.