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a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in parts of Chad

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Goldman Sachs was announced as topping the H1 2017 Any Sub Saharan African Involvement Announced M&A Financial Advisor League Table with a 22.
That is because most of the essays within it are microstudies that focus on particular locations of historical episodes without situating these in a broader Saharan context.
The survey identified four different Saharan cheetahs by examining the pattern of their spots, unique to each individual animal.
The study shows, for the first time, that monsoon rains fed rivers that extended from the Saharan watershed, across the northern Sahara, to the Mediterranean Sea; said Dr Derek Vance, one of the paper's senior authors.
Using satellite measurements of dust clouds, Koren and his colleagues estimate that 40 million tons of Saharan dust reaches South America each year.
Sub Saharan African banks are facing challenging operating conditions in their domestic markets, signalling substantial credit weaknesses.
37 per cent of the investment portfolio was allocated in Europe, 34 per cent in Sub Saharan Africa, 18 per cent in North America and 11 per cent in the rest of the world;
Global Banking News-February 11, 2015--Citigroup names corporate finance head for Sub Saharan Africa
Summary: An international colloquium on the "development of Saharan agriculture by the use of solar energy and its impact on environment and climate change" will be held on 20- 21 February in GhardaE[macron]a.
The data tentatively support an early date of Saharan domestication, they add.
The value of announced M&A transactions involving Sub Saharan African targets reached $5.
appointed Aziz Rahman as head of its corporate finance business for Sub Saharan Africa, replacing Martin Mugambi, who took over as the head of the US bank's Zambia operations late in 2014.
During this meeting, the discussion focused on ways to better organize the profession and to address some failures recorded in Saharan tourism.
This led Cahill and his colleagues to suspect a Saharan source, because previous research indicated that air over the Virgin Islands contains African dust.
Summary: Sub Saharan African equity issuance hits $6.