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a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in parts of Chad

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Since 2014 and the beginning of 2015, the FSDEA has invested in various private equity investment funds to tap into the high-growth sectors across Sub Saharan Africa.
While the study generally shows a great need for better ways to send money to distant places in Sub- Saharan African countries, the survey also illustrates great regional diversity, with payment and money transfer behavior often varying considerably from country to country.
The survey identified four different Saharan cheetahs by examining the pattern of their spots, unique to each individual animal.
Using satellite measurements of dust clouds, Koren and his colleagues estimate that 40 million tons of Saharan dust reaches South America each year.
In his new role, he will be responsible for all corporate-financing transactions across the bank's client base in Sub Saharan Africa.
Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) has announced that it has named a corporate finance head for sub Saharan Africa.
The exchange rate risk of sovereign bonds issued by governments in Sub Saharan Africa in 2013 and 2014 is threatening losses of $10.
During this meeting, the discussion focused on ways to better organize the profession and to address some failures recorded in Saharan tourism.
This led Cahill and his colleagues to suspect a Saharan source, because previous research indicated that air over the Virgin Islands contains African dust.
Increasing access to modern forms of energy is crucial to unlocking faster economic and social development in sub Saharan Africa, according to the International Energy Agency's (IEA) Africa Energy Outlook, a Special Report in the 2014 World Energy Outlook series.
Financing Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa is part of the Energy & Power Growth Partnership Services programme, which also includes research in the following markets: Southern African Renewable Energy Equipment Markets, African Wind Power Market, and Strategic Growth Plans of Major Power Utilities in Sub Saharan Africa.
Summary: Living on the impact of the celebrations of the National Saharan Tourism Day, a press conference held on Friday in Tozeur, the magnificent oasis city and the largest tourist attraction pole in south-western Tunisia, focused on the launch of regular and direct flights from Madrid to Tozeur twice a week.
Idealratings and Mash Consulting Group (MCG) of Kenya have signed a partnership agreement to offer Shari'ah Services Cooperation (SSC) to the financial institutions in the sub Saharan African market.
Thomson Reuters latest analysis of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activity in Sub Saharan Africa shows volume of $12.
Summary: Madrid - Saharan Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASADEH) denounced on Tuesday the blockade imposed by the polisario on the Saharan population in Tindouf camps, urging the international community and human rights organizations to focus on "the systematic human right abuses in these camps.