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the world's largest desert (3,500,000 square miles) in northern Africa

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Two Swedes, Carl Jenssen and Sven Malbihn, after three years of following false leads at last gave up the search far to the south of the Sahara to turn their attention to the more profitable business of ivory poaching.
I came upon him quite suddenly, and no less unexpectedly, upon the rim of the great Sahara Desert.
Shortly thereafter I started for the Sahara in search of a rather rare species of antelope that is to be found only occasionally within a limited area at a certain season of the year.
Does the answer lie somewhere upon the bosom of the broad Sahara, at the ends of two tiny wires, hidden beneath a lost cairn?
The incident of the finding of that buried telegraph instrument upon the lonely Sahara is little short of uncanny, in view of your story of the adventures of David Innes.
Heaven knows, unless it is that the persistent clicking of that unfathomable enigma out there in the vast silences of the Sahara has so wrought upon my nerves that reason refuses longer to function sanely.
Nothing of interest enlivened our journey by rail and caravan till we came to the cluster of date-palms about the ancient well upon the rim of the Sahara.
Even the Sahara had its oases; but this frightful world gave no indication of containing a square foot of hospitable ground.
Tarzan was beginning to hope that, after all, the rumor might have been false, when suddenly Gernois was ordered to Bou Saada in the Petit Sahara far to the south.
When Phaeton, wishing to prove his heavenly birth by his beneficence, had the sun's chariot but one day, and drove out of the beaten track, he burned several blocks of houses in the lower streets of heaven, and scorched the surface of the earth, and dried up every spring, and made the great desert of Sahara, till at length Jupiter hurled him headlong to the earth with a thunderbolt, and the sun, through grief at his death, did not shine for a year.
They got that of course; but it was a mere crumb in a Sahara of starvation, a drop in the thirsty ocean.
Perhaps you will think it passing strange this regret for a savage who was no more account than a grain of sand in a black Sahara.
Between Battle Bridge and that part of the Holloway district in which he dwelt, was a tract of suburban Sahara, where tiles and bricks were burnt, bones were boiled, carpets were beat, rubbish was shot, dogs were fought, and dust was heaped by contractors.
Cole said Sahara was passionate about its involvement with the SDG-F, adding that the company's experience with various governments and partners in countries where it operates indicate that effective collaborations often produce bespoke solutions that can be replicated.
Les Etats membres du comite charge de decolonisation de l'ONU ont, a l'occasion d'une session consacree a l'examen de la question sahraouie au siege de l'ONU du 15 au 25 juin, exhorte le Maroc a [beaucoup moins que] se conformer a ses obligations internationales en respectant le droit inalienable des Sahraouis a l'autodetermination, en application du plan de reglement de 1991 adopte a l'unanimite par le Conseil de securite des Nations unies [beaucoup plus grand que] et appele a l'acceleration du processus de decolonisation du Sahara occidental a travers la tenue, sans delai, d'un referendum d'autodetermination.