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genus of aquatic herbs of temperate and tropical regions having sagittate or hastate leaves and white scapose flowers

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001) between occupied and unoccupied stations, as occupied stations had a higher cover of Sparganium eurycarpum and Sagittaria latifolia, and lower cover of Typha spp.
Three prominent marsh plants, Juncus roemerianus, Spartina alterniflora, and Sagittaria lancifolia and associated sediments were collected from a Department of Defense site with known elevated levels of heavy metals, from Ocean Springs Harbor and also from a control site in Ocean Springs.
School meals service in the municipalities of Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria and provision of meals for senior citizens of the City of Portsmouth period 2014/2017.
BOLD:AAB8368 is a 100% barcode match with the barcode of Pheidole sagittaria from ACG, and morphologically matches it as well.
Spilosoma has been collected and reared previously from other species of aquatic plants at the Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility, including Nymphaea odorata (white waterlilly) and Sagittaria.
5-5 ppt salinity) emergent marshes were characterized by one or several combinations of Typha domingensis, Sagittaria lancifolia, Cladium jamaicense, Peltandra virginica, Phragmites australis, or other less frequently encountered dominants occurring in the lower portion of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta.
Na cheia ocorrem aumentos populacionais de macrófitas livres flutuantes (Salvinia e Pistia), submersa enraizada (Egeria najas) e fixas (Nymphaea, Sagittaria, Echinodorus, dentre outras).
Two notable herbs occurring here are Saururus cernuus, which was abundant, and Sagittaria latifolia, which occurred only here and in the wet meadow along the river.
9 Syrphidae Allograpta exotica (Wiedemann) Allograpta obliqua 13 (Say) Copestylum mexicanum 26 (Macquart) Copestylum 1 sexmaculatum (Palisot de Beauvois) Meromacrus acutus 3 (Fabricius) Ocyptamus costatus 4 (Say) Palpada agrorum 36 (Fabricius) Pseudodoros clavatus 21 (Fabricius) Toxomerus verticalis 5 (Curran) Trichopsomyia banksi 2 (Curran) Conopidae Physocephala 18 sagittaria (Say) Physocephala 2 tibialis (Say) Physoconops 13 brachyrhynchus (Macquart) Physoconops 6 bulbirostris (Loew) Physoconops 1 floridanus Camras Physoconops 3 obscuripennis (Williston) Physoconops 5 sylvosus (Williston) Zodion abitus Adams 1 Zodion americanum 5 Wiedemann Micropezidae Grallipeza nebulosa (Loew) Lonchaeidae Lonchaea sp.
According to Elakovich and Wooten (1987b, 1989), Gopal and Goel (1993), and Szczepanski (1977), allelopathic chemicals and interactions occur in many wetland genera, including the widespread Acer, Carex, Cyperus, Eleocharis, Hydrilla, Myriophyllum, Panicum, Peltandra, Phragmites, Potamogeton, Polygonum, Sagittaria, Smilax, and Typha (Table I).
Number Site of plant Dominant description taxa plant taxa Arcola Creek 12 Sagittaria latifolia (26.