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small low-growing annual or perennial herbs of temperate and cool regions

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He helped negotiate the Treaty of Saginaw, he befriended the first white settlers in the area, and in 1822 he platted the "Town of Sagina.
8]-liki 251 Hu-zi-ri sukkal 260 I-gi4-ru/ri-mah sagina 12 I-mi-id-ilum sabra 46 I-su-a-ri-ik "His-arm-is-long" 209 Id-ni-suen abbr.
The systematic significance of seed morphology in Sagina (Caryophyllaceae) under scanning electron microscopy.
Because the word saala was used in the song Saala main to sahab ban gaya in Sagina more than 40 years ago.
The series was ordered by C4 off-peak editor Sagina Shabaya.
Both are actually perennials, not mosses, and the confusion doesn't end there: Irish moss refers to either Arenaria verna or Sagina subulata, while Scotch moss is either A.